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Create Online Customer and Employee Satisfaction Survey Forms Instantly over the Web

An online, web survey form is the best and fastest way to get feedback from customers or employees. can help you create online survey forms to get customer and employee satisfaction data on products or services, and measure customer satisfaction.  

Unlike other survey form software solutions out there, which impose limits to number of surveys and number of respondents, allows for UNLIMITED use for a flat monthly fee.

Time is money.  Our software is so easy to use, you can be collecting data with a survey that you design, in as little as 5 minutes!  Our 100% browser-based software requires no downloads and no installation.  Simply login to our servers, design your survey, test it, and deploy it! hosts the bestsource software available today.  We find the most useful and powerfulsource software and provide hosting, management, and support services for these best-of-breed applications.

At, we do the setup, installation, and maintenance of the software for you, so you can concentrate on building your business, rather than maintaining the software to support your business.  


customer satisfaction survey

web surveys
Setup surveys in as little as 5 minutes from any web browser and allow your company to gather:
  • Customer Feedback
  • Product Feedback
  • Employee Feedback
  • Prospect Feedback
  • Prospect Information


web form, input form, feedback form

input forms, web forms, feedback forms
Need to collect data over the web?  Our technology can also be used to capture any information from people over the Internet without the need for coding.  Simply link your site to ours, setup your questionnaire and you're off collecting data for people such as:
  • Job Applicants
  • Sales Prospects
  • Partners

100% Web Browser Based 
Data is Collected and Accessed through our Secure Servers
Create, Test, Preview Surveys
Full Variety of Response Formats: (check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes etc.)
Export to Excel for Analysis and Manipulation
Cross Tabulations 
Email Notifications

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